Our Range of Services

Database Search :

Aaditya Consulting has a large database of candidates, which has been built over the years through the process of Search and Recruitment. The company has the benefit of fast turnaround times and the fees are paid on success and on completion of the exercise. This is a relationship-based service extended with regular interaction.

Special assignments :

When a search deserves special attention, we may agree to a progress based payment contract to provide the client the flexibility of resources required to achieve the desired results
Advertisement based search :

At times it becomes imperative to advertise for critical positions, in such case, the client pays for the advertisement and processing charges in advance. The fee becomes payable only once the position is filled up.

Bulk recruitments :

Where the search is for a large no of positions, we may agree to provide a project-based solution to provide the client a cost effective alternative.

Outsourcing :

In case the client desires us to screen advertised calls, conduct interviews, call up your database or any other services are desired, we can provide innovative solutions for you at mutually agreed rates